- Images -
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  • Beetle beams and adjustable spring plates

  • Bus beams ready for shipping

  • New centre pin and blocks

  • laser cut side plates and custom pipes

  • Beams in build ready for assembly

  • 4.5" narrowed getting ready for welding

  • Freshly welded beam

  • Welded and just out of the jig

  • Freshly welded centre pin housing

  • Centre Pin and CSP adjusters

  • custom raised Centre Pin

  • Linished and ready for paint

- Narrowed Beams -
Type 1 | Type 2 | Type 3

- Coming soon air ride -
Bug Beams
Laser cut sideplates with custom offset shock towers to suit 4.5" beams
Custom pipe to suit nolothane bushes designed for your stock trailing arms to slip straight in
Rachet style adjusters for height control and beefy centre mounts designed to bolt straight in to your ride
Bus Beams
Custom laser cut sideplates with reverse setback for clearance. All beams are painted black and come with grease nipples and shock bolts
Custom pipe to suit OG needle bearings and dsigned to use your OG dust seals
Raised centrepin for clearance and laser cut one piece housing. All beams come with adjustable idler arm stops, grease nipples and brand new centre pin kit
- Still interested? Other stuff you might need -
Custom Fabrication

If you have an idea or just want to shoot the shit on that next project I’d love to hear from you. I’m in the process of doing a 4” roof chop on a beetle so I’m always keen to create something new and unique and I’ll try anything twice.

Rust repairs

I do quality rust repairs and metal manipulation to volkswagens and classic cars. If your ride needs some loving let me know and I’ll come to you. I have a mighty little mig that fits in the back of my daily so if it’s a small spot, a sill or a floor, let me know, I’ll do it! I love getting dirty.

Mechanical work

If you need a beam fitted or looking for adjustable spring plates, talk to me. There’s not allot I can’t source if not fabricate. I’m working with a fellow dubber developing disc brake and air bag rear kits for busses so drop me a line to find out more.

call me - 0412 441 831
write me - me@skinnedknuckles.com.au
see me - instagram see me - Facebook
rates - download here