Type 1 - Ball Joint (static)

Type 1 - Ball Joint (static)

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My type 1 Ball Joint beams are fabricated from all new materials and made right here in Melbourne, Australia. They come with custom shock towers specifically designed and developed for getting the correct ride height, quality and clearance. They're made to order so call me to discuss optimising a narrowed beam to suit your ride.

My beams are painted black and powder coating is an option. My type 1 narrowed beams come standard with avis style adjusters and my in-house custom made Delrin bushes. Included are beam front mounting bolts.

To complete the conversion you can also add new narrowed torsion leaves and tie rods

Note: Beams are sold as an off-road component and require engineering to comply with ADR. Disclaimer and terms and conditions can be found here

Fitting complexity: Medium to high mechanical knowledge recommended.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.