Swing Axle Adjustable Spring Plates - Type 1 Beetle / Ghia / Type 3

Swing Axle Adjustable Spring Plates - Type 1 Beetle / Ghia / Type 3

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Designed and fabricated here in Melbourne Australia. Everything is made and sourced locally including the precision made splines to fit your axles perfectly.

Utalising the latest technology these Volkswagen Type 1 swing axle Adjustable Spring Plates come with a 2" drop built into the design, allowing for a smoother ride when lowering your car. The adjusting mechanism also allows for approximately 1 1/2" of up and down adjustment. More adjustment can be achieved with re-indexing. These Spring Plates allow you to correct the notorious tow-in issue featuring slotted driveshaft and mounting holes.

The beauty of Adjustable Spring Plates? Ease of adjustment and the ability to fine tune each side of the car within millimeters. Also aiding in old torsion bar sag. 

These Adjustable spring plates are manufactured from high-quality 6mm thick steel and are powder coated black.

No cutting, grinding or fabrication is required to instal these Spring Plates.

They are compatible with all Type 1 Beetle and Ghia models, and most Type 3 swing axle rear ends. These Dropped spring plates are available in several different lengths to allow use of different length torsion bars and are available for (24, 11/16″ Spline) and (21, 3/4″ Spline).

- Kit includes the correct spacer plates and hardware
- The kit does not include inner and outer bushes
- May not be compatible with some wheel and tyres

Note: Spring Plates are sold as an off-road component and require engineering to comply with ADR. Disclaimer and terms and conditions can be found here

Fitting complexity: Medium to high mechanical knowledge recommended.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.